Surrounded by Aggregates

Everywhere civilization is present, there are dried aggregates that have helped create it. Gravel driveways and concrete foundations use small stones and sand to weather the seasons. Foundations are made with concrete and lay on a bed full of aggregates. Even outdoor patios depend on the tiny minerals found in sand for their support. The world is now a much sturdier place because of these valuable building blocks. They surround the modern world in many ways.

Few people take the time to consider the components of their lives, and dried aggregates are an excellent example of this. These small elements are mined throughout the world to provide the pleasant environments mankind creates today. Some, such as small pieces of gravel or silica sand, are used in their natural state. Finer sand and tinier pieces of rock are often ground to create the elements needed for modern building. Without these tiny building blocks, the world would be a much different place.